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Find the best deals in town on our site. If we have recommended it, it mostly is a good deal. We publish our deals , posts only after thorough research about the product and other details. Our reviews are mostly for products that we use, have used or have researched to use in future.

The Retail Industry in India zoomed to its heights after 2003. In 2007 when I joined Metro Cash and Carry India Pvt Ltd as a Management trainee, Organised retail was growing in leaps and bounds. Everything we did was an experiment and while some yielded wonderful results, some ideas did go kaput! However, some of the best deals in those days across retail outlets were also made by us 🙂

Most of the posts in our are hilarious compositions of our ideas, experiences and learnings. It is from here that we learnt over the last decade how to notice, understand and recommend good deals and reviews.

We hope you will have a good experience reading our posts!