Best Egg Boiler in 2021 – Review (Kent Range)

If you are an Egg Eater (one of the best sources of protein) then this review of Kent’s range of egg boilers 2021 is for you. If you are not one or don’t prefer boiling eggs, then read our reviews and recommendations of an entire bevy of breakfast and brunch appliances here. Whether you are a student or working from home and need a quick breakfast idea or a parent that needs to quickly cook up something for their kids, an egg boiler is a great addition to the kitchen.

Kent Instant Egg Boiler 360-Watt (Transparent and Silver Grey)

Kent Egg Boiler 7 Eggs
Kent Instant Egg Boiler 7 Eggs

What is so Special ?

Not much! Unless you missed the below features

  1. Can boil 7 eggs at one go ( Go! Bro Go!)
  2. One touch Operation. The Auto-switch off mode lets you know its time to peel !! ( Even dummies can do this, meaning its easy to use. Now you don’t need to take a pot or pan-add water – wait for the water to boil – add the eggs-then wait for them to cook and then peel them finally)
  3. 1 year warranty ( I recommend being truthful and not willfully breaking the boiler to make the best use of this offer.
  4. Don’t like hard boiled eggs? Want them Medium or Soft boiled? We got you covered. The Egg Boiler comes in 3 modes and are very spill proof too.
Picture guide to what is inside the egg boiler
ColourTransparent and Silver Grey
MaterialPP Plastic and Stainless steel
Item Dimensions LxWxH11.5 x 11.5 x 12.5 Centimeters
Item Weight1.65 Kilograms
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Kent Super Egg Boiler (16069), 400 W, Silver

Egg boiler 6 eggs
Kent Super Egg boiler 6 Eggs

What is so Special?

Read the Features before you decide it is not for you.

  1. Same as the Instant one except that this is compact , light weight and can boil only 6 eggs in one Go!
  2. Comes in 3 different modes incase you are one of those who likes variety in everything. Make Hard boiled Medium or Soft eggs. Your wish!
  3. Auto Switch-off mode. This one is a very useful feature. Especially for those with kids ( and pets!) you never know when some urgency strikes and you gotta run behind them. The Auto Switch-off is your life saver.
  4. 1 year warranty, to be used only in genuine cases. Like for us in Bengaluru the waxing and waning of the electricity is surely one reason why all our kitchen appliances need repair (read – warranty used) very often.
Suoer Egg boiler features
Super Egg Boiler – Features
ColourTransparent and Silver
MaterialStainless Steel Body & Heating Plate
Item Dimensions LxWxH20.5 x 13 x 14 centimeters
Item Weight662 Grams
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Kent Egg Boiler, 360 Watt (White)

Kent Egg Boiler White
Kent Egg Boiler White 7 Eggs

What is So Special

  1. Compact and Light Weight ( 500 grams only) yet can boil 7 eggs in one go. (Beauty with brains, this one!)
  2. White and Angelic in colour and quick in performance, boils eggs super fast and in 3 modes.
  3. The Auto Switch-Off function, like the other 2 egg boiler details is a real life saver.
Kent Egg Boiler White Features
Kent Egg boiler white – features
ColourTransparent and White
MaterialStainless Steel Heating plate and PP Plastic Body
Item Dimensions LxWxH18.5 x 15.5 x 16  centimeters
Item Weight500 Grams
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Our final verdict would be to pick the white one. It is compact (lightest among all 3) and can boil 7 eggs in one go. It also has a stainless steel heating plate which is good in our opinion. But none of the above recommend boiling anything else other than eggs in them. So if you are not going to use this frequently, then look up our other range of equally enticing appliances.