Top 5 Breakfast Appliances in your Kitchen 2021

Well, one can always cook up a storm with just a stove and a set of pot and pans. But, when Man has made a bevy of appliances to aid you in the kitchen, then why not! The below appliances can also be set up as a breakfast station somewhere near the dining table or at a convenient location in your drawing area and some home decor items later its a pretty corner and a functional one at that too!

Dosa /Paratha / Roti Tawas – These are one of the best investments you can ever make! Buy some batter or borrow some batter or best is to grind some batter. You can make mouth watering dosas / rotis / parathas in a few minutes. 99 Varieties is the minimum that you can make(No! Don’t ask us. Ask Google for the recipes)

Dosa Tawa
urbanhouse Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Dosa Tawa 12 inches

We however recommend keeping separate tawas for dosas and rotis / parathas. Its a personal choice really. This tip was given by one of our oldest cook about a decade ago and we follow it religiously even today. It’s more to do with seasoning of the tawa.

Toaster / Sandwich Makers – This is the most useful appliance after the tawa! Not in the mood to make dosas? Ok let’s make a Sandwich or Toast. Have a meeting in 5 minutes? Just toast and butter it up! 2 minutes and you are still left with 3 minutes to spare. I can go on and on… really. Just buy 1 already

Appe Pan / Paniyaram Pans – Another Life saver. This one has many uses apart from the appes / paniyarams / paddus. We also use it mainly to make quick Koftas, Litti ( Bihari recipe), Pakoras etc as it uses minimum oil yet retains the same flavour. Our little one loves Appe ( fluffy bobbles of rice-lentil batter) too and we often make this for breakfast on weekends.

Appe Pan
Raval J Enterprise 12 Cavities Non Stick Appam Patra with Lid 

Sprouts Maker – A quick option for a protein packed and healthy breakfast is Sprouts or Microgreens. The options to make these are as varied as the sizes of a shirt! Small compact ones for singles, Bigger ones for nuclear families, Giant sized – 3 tiered ones for a joint family. You even get cotton / muslin cloth to make sprouts in the traditional method. Choose and you shall have it. I remember my mom mixing a quick raw sprout and tomato salad or steaming them to make a warm snack all the time while growing up. Do try this one!

Juicer / Blender – Personally, we don’t like to use the juicer or blender as its much easier to just eat the fruit instead. But its a personal choice again. Smoothies and Buddha bowls are the order of the day. And I do believe these are very ‘insta-worthy’ too. Oh! the craze of making a mauve smoothie topped with some chopped nuts and sprinkled with some chia seeds makes the blender a very trending appliance.

Nutribullet JUICER 800W 1.5 Liters 2 Year Warranty (Dark Grey)

Egg Boiler/ Egg Cooker – If you are an eggs person then this is a really smart appliance to buy for your kitchen. With an auto shut-off button it can be left unattended too. Read more about this wonderful product and our recommendations here.

Kent Super Boiler

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